“If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand
years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”
Sir Winston Churchill, 18 June 1940

The Premier Minister Winston Spencer Churchill

Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 September 2000

This show, was a highlight of the air show calendar 2000. It commemorated the 60th anniversary of the momentous air battle which took place over Britain in 1940. RAF Fighter Command's victory during the Battle kept Hitler's Luftwaffe at bay and the invasion of Britain was cancelled. Spitfires and Hurricanes  took to the air evoking Duxford's role as a fighter base during the Battle of Britain. Pre-war aircraft and modern jets will contrast with the classic fighters of 1940.

Photos from Duxford - Page 1

The Duxford taxi-runway


...waiting for the show


The Duxford Blenheim - have a look

Duxford skies


Das sagt doch alles ... nicht?
... couldn´t stand the temptation! ...


B17 "Sally B" Flying Fortress, have a look

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Catalina at display


Lancaster "resting" in the hangar


Markings NA-I




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